The different types of escape rooms

There are so many different types of escape room games out there. They are generally built around particular themes which means no matter what you are into, you can find an escape room that suits you. With that being said, let’s take a look at the different themes of escape rooms that exist.

The horror theme

Horror themes escape games will make you feel like you are in your very own horror movie. They are often pitch black with lots of scary surprises around every corner. There are even some escape rooms out there that are centered around particular horror movies (for example, the Saw series).

The treasure hunters theme

Think Indiana Jones style with a cool room like this one. It’s your job to answer a bunch of puzzles to find the treasure and get out victorious. Practice lots of solid team-work to conquer an escape room like this one!

The action theme

There are some escape rooms out there that are a lot more physical and require hard labor in order to come out victorious at the end. These rooms might even be centered around a particular action movie or video game series.

The jungle theme

A jungle-themed room will usually involve lots of greenery and animals. You are trapped in a jungle and it’s the job of you and your teammates will get out before falling prey to the scary animals.

These are just some of the escape room themes that exist out there. Look for escape rooms in your area today and there might be a few surprises to add to the list. An escape room is a great way to have fun with family and friends, so what are you waiting for?