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Hope Town

In Abaco mainland of the Bahamas, there is Elbow Cay, which is a small cay. This cay experiences breathtaking sunsets, serene beaches, fantastic people and good food besides being the hub for best diving, fishing, sailing as well as snorkeling activities. This cay is around 4.5 miles long and 1080 yards, at the widest point.

Hope Town is a picturesque village on the lovely island of Elbow Cay. This small town is a superb destination for families, holidaying couples, groups and travelers who want to experience something out of the world. This small town is less populated and free from cruising ships, street vendors and resorts like mansions. Hope Town is a haven for peace and tranquility. This is an ideal terminal for a perfect vacation blow up water slides for sale.

Hope Town Map

Take a look at the map of this lovely town in the Bahamas.

Hope Town Map Picture Picture 1 - Hope Town Map

Hope Town Location and Directions

Hope Town is located just two hundred miles east of West Palm Beach, Florida. It is around hundred miles north of Nassau. If one will be travelling by plane, then one has to reach Marsh Harbour International Airport (MHH). One can reach Marsh Harbour from Florida or Nassau.

Hope Town Weather

The weather in Abaco is usually uniform throughout the changing seasons. Summers usually experiences gentle winds with warm temperatures.

Winters are generally quite comfortable and warm, except the cold fronts, from Florida. The climate is best said to be “Tropical Marine,” with temperatures ranging in mid 70′s during the winter and mid 80′s during the summer.  The climate of Abaco is an attraction with the sun, sand and surf making an unique combination.

Hope Town History

Hope Town was inhabited by people who had come from America after the American Revolution. Most of the people originally belonged to Carolinas, eastern side of Florida, after the area was given to Spain following the Peace of Paris in the year 1783. Several people travelled back to Canada, England and south of the British Caribbean. Initially the settlements were at Carleton and Marsh Harbour, but the year 1785, the settlements were distributed.

The settlement at Hope Town was established in the year 1785 by a widow hailing from South Carolina called Wyannie Malone. Wyannie and her children lived in Hope Town and this word spread the Malone name all over the Bahamas, over to Florida and even outside these places.

Pictures of Hope Town Picture 2 - Hope Town Picture

Hope Town Hotels

Here are some of the modest and plush hotels where you can enjoy a comfortable stay.

  • Hope Town Inn and Marina
  • Hope Town Harbour Lodge
  • Hope Town Hideaways Resort And Marina
  • Club Soleil Resort
  • Turtle Hill Vacation Villas
  • Hope Town Villas
  • Abaco Inn
  • Turtle Hill Vacation Villas

Hope Town Restaurants

To enjoy sumptuous meals and crunchy snacks, step in to some of the lush eateries of this Bahaman town. Appetizers and drinks are also available at these restaurants.

  • Coffee House
  • Boat House Restaurant
  • Cap’n Jacks
  • Harbour’s Edge
  • Hope Town Harbour Lodge
  • Sugar Shack
  • Wine Down and Sip-Sip

Hope Town Attractions

Hope Town has some major tourist attractions. One is the Lighthouse which steals most of the limelight. People visit Wyannie Malone Museum too to gain some insight about the history of Hope Town.

Elbow Cay Lighthouse

Hope Town boasts of the famous Elbow Reef Lighthouse. This Lighthouse is the most famous landmark and one of the last manual lighthouses in the world.  The lamp burns from pressurized Kerosene oil with the aid of a wick and mantle.  The Fresnel lenses focus on the mantle’s light into a beam aimed straight towards the horizon.  The lenses and burner instrumentation which weighs 8,000lbs glide in a spherical lubricated tub.  This diminishes friction so that the 700lbs of weight, when winded to the top of the tower manually, smoothly rotates the four ton apparatus once after every fifteen seconds. The lighthouse keeper when on duty must wind up the weights after every two hours, so that the red and white candy striped lighthouse is visible from a distance of seventeen miles.

Visitors should make time to see this spectacular manual lighthouse. This lighthouse is situated across the harbour.

Wyannie Malone Museum

Wyannie Malone museum is a must visit for people interested to know more about this peaceful hamlet. The Museum has collection of past fishing practices, display about the past inhabitants and an amazing gift shop with books and other informative books. At the museum, you can learn how residents lived in the 19th century.  There are also displays on the environment, past fishing practices, prior inhabitants of the island, and a wonderful gift shop with informative books and gifts. You can take some gifts back home for your loved ones from the gift center.

Photos of Hope Town Picture 3 – Hope Town Photo

Hope Town Things to Do

Boats and bicycles are available for rentals. Even golf carts are available on rent for going around the island.


There are a number of ferry services which will take you to different islands for sightseeing.


If you are looking for Bone fishing or Deep Sea Fishing Charter, then Hope Town is the best place with a number of companies offering services

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

For those who love the world under the water, there are beautiful places to explore in this sleepy hamlet. Boats are available on rent and visitors can have a nice time discovering marine life. But one should ensure that the locations have moorings to tie up to. This helps the reefs to remain undamaged. One can view the amazing coral reefs and star fish. Dive tours are available and scheduled snorkeling can also be done with Froggies Out Island Adventures. Froggies provides half and full day tours for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.  Lessons are offered.


There are several beach breaks for those who are interested to surf in the pristine waters.

Exploring the beach

Several beaches on Elbow Cay can be easily reached without a boat. The beaches on the island are covered with fine white and pink sand. The crystal clear water seems to enchant the visitors.


Every restaurant has “bar night”. There are DJ’s, live bands and other fun events which begin from 8am or 9 pm and operate for a few hours. The official drinking age in the Bahamas is eighteen years and the bars permit those who are above eighteen or older only after 9pm. Minors are not allowed.

So if you want to booze or dance the night out then check in the bars like Abaco Inn, Sea Spray Resort and Marina, Harbour’s Edge and Cap’n Jacks.


There are 3 parks in Hope Town which are open for children. Some parks have playgrounds, whereas others have sport fields. The parks are Taylor Park, Jarrett Park and a small playground beside Hope Town School. There are slides, swings and see saws for the amusement of the children


Abaco is home to world-class sailing with superb sailing conditions. You can explore the islands with private sailboats or chartered ones. The cays are mesmerizing and soothing. The month of March is ideal for sailing as it is breezy throughout the month and the weather if described in one word is perfect.


For shopping clothes, accessories, literature, jewelry, glassware, home décor, souvenirs, music albums or art, there are numerous island style shops to go. Several restaurants and shops have their own store for gifts.


Captain Plug a company provides hourly, half-day and whole day adventures, whether one is interested to learn boating, how to get out of water, settlements near the tour, local spots which offers great food and drinks.  This tour company is highly professional in the Abacos.


Kayaking is a great way to discover Elbow Cay and its surroundings by quietly becoming a part of nature.  Abaco Eco offers guided tours, as well as rentals for those wishing to venture out on their own.

Exploring Island

One can explore this island of Elbow Cay by renting a golf cart or bicycles. The island is completely different from one end to the other end.


People in Abacos love to hang out on the water. With a boat on rent one can easily explore all the cays as well as coves. Exploring the underwater sea park is fascinating. Just snorkel equipments are needed and the fabulous journey is all set to amaze. One can cruise in the outer cays of Abaco as well, hopping from one island to another and discovering a new world!

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