Escape Rooms

Trapped in a room, with nothing but a couple of friends and clues to help you escape. Will you make it? Or will you lack the skills to find the way out? This can either be a fun or irritating game of Escape Room. An escape room is a room people are placed in and their main goal is to escape.

This is a great game to test your mental skills and see what you are capable of doing in a similar situation. Clues are placed around the room to help the players, but it’s their job to solve them and use them as a beneficial source to escape. Players can actually ask for clues when they feel completely lost. Some escape rooms give a time limit to the players, and if their time runs out, they have failed their challenge. For safety cautions, the exit door is actually not locked, but if any player walks out before completing the mission, then they will lose the game. Another way the players are safe playing this game is that there are security cameras watching them to avoid some kind of accident. The room may also have props that contain a red sticker on them. This just means that the props are not part of the game.

Before every game of escape room, players are given directions and review safety precautions. Some of these rooms may also have an age limit to play alone or with an adult, depending on your age. The themes of the room can change as well. For example, a room can have a scary theme for players that find scary situations fun, but players also have the chance to avoid these if they chose too as it’s included in the game’s description. Escape rooms are a great way to get together with friends or family and have a fun time solving puzzles and working together as a team.